There is definitely plenty of work to be done and money to be made in the roofing industry. If you are good with your hands, enjoy working outdoors and the challenges of our trade, then the roofing industry just might be what you're looking for!

Your benefits as a union member can include health and welfare to protect you and your loved ones when you're sick or injured, a pension to provide for you when your roofing career is over, dental benefits, vision programs, vacation funds and annuities.

Browse through this website and discover just what the Roofers Union is all about. Check out our Apprenticeship page and Union Info page for more detailed information about roofing careers and apprenticeship programs.

Do something for yourself, your future and your pocketbook...consider a career in roofing as a member of The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers.


Membership to Roofers Local 96 and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers has many benefits and privileges.  As a brother or sister of the local union you have a voice in receiving competetive wages, health insurance for you and your family, education benefits, on the job safety protection, a pension plan and a burial benefit.


***Laid Off?***   How Do I Become a Member?

If you are laid off remember to call our office and ask to be placed on our Out-Of-Work-List. This is required by unemployment and we can assist in finding you employment if we know you are laid-off.

Local 96 is a referral hall, which means that the hall may refer you to one of our contract companies, but you are ultimately responsible for finding a job.  Employers do reserve the right to not hire those referred through this office.

Feel free to contact our office for more information.

Work Zone Map

Click here to view a map of the work zones in the Metro Area.


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